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   STAR Project

STAR Project

The State Transforming Agency Resources (STAR) Project will connect the State’s 120+ IT software and systems into one comprehensive system. This is more efficient and cost-effective than having each agency purchase, maintain and support its own administrative systems.   More Info....


More Resources for You

The STAR Project will give employees modern, professional tools to support the important work you do for the citizens of our state.  More Info....


Future Risks

The State’s IT systems have been neglected for far too long and will no longer be able to be supported in the near future.  More Info....


Other States

Many other states have successfully implemented a statewide enterprise resource planning initiative.  More Info...



Involvement at All Levels

For the enterprise resource planning (ERP) project, IT Executive Steering Committee recommended that DOA form user groups of subject matter experts to play a key role in understanding the business processes within agencies today to help transition organizations to standardized and more efficient processes post-ERP implementation.  Engaging the front line employees is designed to ensure the most effective implementation and help drive the change management process.


The front-line subject matter expert user groups are:

  • Budget
  • Business Intelligence (processes and procedures)
  • Finance
  • Human Resources and Payroll
  • Procurement

While we recognize that there are key stakeholders and decision-makers that will need timely and succinct information to move the project forward, the ultimate success of the project will depend upon engaging all state employees in this effort.   The goal is to help them understand why the project is necessary, how it will impact them, how they can leverage this new system and work processes to better serve their customers and ultimately provide even greater value to the citizens of Wisconsin. 

Project Fact Sheet